Call me Ayu for short. 17. An Indonesian. Currently studying in University of Indonesia, majoring in Biology. My hobbies include reading books and listening to music. Despite my age, I prefer to read children fictional book with adventure theme. Not just children fictional book actually, but yes, I prefer to read adventure books rather than romance. Same thing goes to movies preference. I’d rather watch animated movies than romantic one harharhar. I hate horror movies, like really hate them. My music preference spans from kpop, khiphop, pop, hiphop, R ‘n B, sometimes slow rock, and even oldies. Well, actually I don’t have any specific preference for music ’cause I just listen to a song if I think that it’s catchy and worth listening. As a future biologist, I have a dream on becoming an ecologyst. I will work for the sake of our world’s ecosystem, fight for animal’s and plant’s rights, that sounds great. I also have this dream where I would explore all of the forests in the world, take photographs of the forests’ scenery – including the living things, and write down every living things I could find in the forest in a book (or scrapbook maybe). So I could have a specific information of particular species that live in a forest. How does it sound? I bet that’s a good plan of my own!


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